How is Custom Ticket Solutions different?
We are not a third party ticket vendor. CTS will set up and maintain your own online ticketing system on your web site.

Is there a set up fee?
All fees associated with starting up your online ticketing will ultimately be covered by CTS.

Is there any per transaction fee?
Just like accepting credit cards in house there small fee to process orders online.

How much does CTS get paid?
CTS will earn exactly the same amount you earn! CTS and your venue share all costs and split all profit 50/50.

What about security?
All CTS systems are fully PCI compliant and offer the highest level of security available.

How do I get ticket counts?
You will have online access to daily ticket counts.

Where does the money from the transaction go?
Directly into your bank account. This is no different than accepting credit cards in house.

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